What does a MiJET unit do?

MiJET solves four immediate cleaning problems:

(1) unhealthy oil-ladened air is captured,

(2) accidents are reduced from slipping and falling on oily floors,

(3) cleaning time and supplies are reduced, and

(4) expensive coolants are captured for recycling. 

All of these problems solved with no electricity required, just an existing shop air line! Portable, with a small footprint, the unit can easily be installed next to each CNC machine while still making valuable shop floor space available for other operations.

Options include low noise air nozzles, parts baskets to hold various part sizes during cleaning, and castors for easy relocation. MiJET is also completely "Made in the USA." 

The MiJET standalone unit, powered by air, is used near CNC machines or inspection stations to clean oily residue and chips from parts, then captures that residue with vacuum into a container for recycling. A valve allows an operator to pull the trigger on an air nozzle which simultaneously actuates both an air jet and suction. The air jet allows localized cleaning of parts, while the suction pulls the atomized fluid particles and chip residue downward into a removable container below.